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Gab - Type 1 For 22 Years

The program has been life changing, I feel liberated from my diabetes for the first time in 22 years of living with type 1

Margaret - Type 2 For 2 Years

My insulin sensitivity has increased and my diabetes consultant is delighted with my progress. I feel better than I have in a long time

Cary - Type 1 For 49 Years

I learned a whole lot more about type 1 diabetes & the way the information was presented encouraged me to want to know more. 

My insulin sensitivity increased 2.5 times and for the first time in 49 years of living with type 1 I feel normal.

Angela - Type 1 Diabetes

I have really enjoyed the course, I love this new way of eating, I have a lot more energy than before and my insulin senstivity has increased by 50%

Mandy - Type 1 For 22 Years

My mood has improved, my diabetes control has improved and my understanding of my diabetes has reached new levels”. Mandy is a registered nurse who has been living with type 1 diabetes for more than 20 years

Karrie - Type 1 for 37 Years

I undersand my diabetes better than ever, it finally makes sense. My insulin sensitivity has improved so much I now use just 1 unit of insulin for 30g of carbs”

Hannah - Type 1 For 2 Years

I have increased my Time In Range to 85%, my insulin sensitivity has gone from 1 unit of insulin to 10g of carbs to 1 unit for 22g. My energy levels have gone up and I am eating more carbohydrates than ever and I have lost 14lbs (1 stone) in weight!


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