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Transform Your Diabetes, Get More Freedom

The online coaching program designed to transform your diabetes using science, evidence & our decades of experience to help you achieve the results you desire.

A Proven Plan 

We both know that a plan only works if you can follow it. That is why we personalise our proven plan for you.

The Right Tools

We give you the right tools & expert advice.

Daily Support

In addition to your coaching calls you will get daily support to help you accomplish more.

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Living with Type 1 for 37 Years

"I felt controlled by my diabetes in all areas of my life. There were huge variations in my blood glucose levels & my insulin pump alarms day & night were exhuasting"

"I tried low carb, I tried low Glycaemic Index & nothing seemed to work"

"This course has lived up to it's name, it has transformed my diabetes and to be perfectly honest I don't want it to end".


Living with Type 2 & on insulin injections

"The difference has been amazing I have improved my insulin sensitivity 3 times in 12 weeks."

"My diabetes consultant is delighted & is encouranging me to eat more carbohydrates"

"I have a number of other long term health conditions, eating more plants is helping them too. I feel better than I have in a very long time and I have more energy."


Living with Diabetes for 3 Years

"Transform Your Diabetes has been absolutely amazing for me. I have been swaying in a grief cycle of my new diabetes diagnosis for 3 years."

"Paul gave me some powerful strategies and tools  and now my diabetes no longer defines me."


"I am Victoria first and foremost. I may have cracked the circle finally!"


Type 2 Diabetes for 23 Years

I began being coached by Paul in November 2021. Over the next 3 months he introduced me to a Whole Food Plant Based way of eating, using his easy to follow system. 


As a T2 diabetic living in Arizona, I was starting to see my goal to simply become more Insulin Sensitive on my Fasting Glucose results each morning. 


After 3 months, I was convinced that this lifestyle, not diet, can completely reverse my T2 and I could go off Meds.


It is now April 2023, and even though I am eating loads of carbohydrates I have lost 26 pounds and am off two of my diabetes medications. My long lasting insulin has been cut in half. 


What you will learn is invaluable and Paul is so very patient and always finds alternatives to working through some of life's  challenges of living with Diabetes. 


I am still being coached by Paul today & I am making consistent and steady progress.


 I have stayed focused and love the way I eat and it is very satisfying"


Living with Type 1 for 20 Years

"I was in huge bother a couple of weeks ago. My insulin was very unpredictable meaning that to get time in range was getting harder & harder.

I reached out. And I reached out to the right person. To say they changed my relationship with my diabetes would be an understatement.

Huge thank thank you to Paul Coker for taking me on & helping me."


Living with Type 1 for 23 Years

"I've learned more in the past 12 weeks than I have in the previous 23 years of living with Type 1 Diabetes.

The education that has been provided in a simple way has been life changing. I have felt encouraged, empowered and for the first time since diagnosis I don't feel alone.

Paul's commitment to the program & his client's goes above and beyond what any one can imagine.

I feel liberated from my diabetes, thank you."

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