How Do The Fats  You Eat Stop Insulin From Working Effectively?

How Does It Work

In short this is not some quick fix. It is not selling you any supplements or insisiting that you to eat okra or cinnamon as a magic snake oil cure for your diabetes. Instead it is based on more than 85 years of scientific evidnece and research into diabetes and nutrtion.

This is all combined with Paul's research that earned him a Distinction in his Masters Degreee from one of the top medical schools in the United Kingdom, and of course his first hand experiences of living with Type 1 Diabetes that persuaded him to challenge the long standing hypothesis that carbohydrates are bad.

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Proof That it Works?

We have an ever growing list of clients that are increasing their insulin sensitivity many times over and some of the testimonials are listed on the home page.


Improving insulin sensitivity makes it easier for you to manage your diabetes because your insulin action becomes more predicatable.

This typically increases time in range and quality of life.

Please don't take my word for it, we both know that there are many empty promises of snake-oil diabetes 'cures' on the internet. That is why I am offering you a chance to try the program with a 30 day money back guarantee.


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