Stop Restricting Carbohydrates

It Makes You Insulin Resistant

How You Eat is More Important Than How You Diet & In This Webinar We Will Share Tools That Could Help You  To Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity & Lower Your A1c

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 January is typically the time when people start thinking about shedding a few pounds, or getting on a health drive.


Those of us with Diabetes are often working hard all year round. But, let's be honest wouldn't it be nice if your diabetes was easier to manage?


How would it feel for you if your insulin was more reliable, more predictable, more of the time? Wouldn't it be great if you could eat as many carbohydrates as you wanted without fear of high blood glucose levels?


Now just imagine being able to do all of that and reduce the risk of developing complications of your Diabetes.


But weight a minute (did you see that cheeky pun), carbohydrates cause weight gain, don't they?

That is just one of the myths we are going to break apart with good science and evidence in this webinar, we are also going to show how eating more carbohydrates has been shown time and again to improve health outcomes for people with Diabetes.

Who is this for?

If you have type 1 diabetes and you are sick and tired of the burden of your insulin feeling like it has turned to water at random times this webinar is for you.


If you are living in fear of the progression of your 2 diabetes this webinar is for you.


But if you are a member of the church of low carb an you believe that low crb diets are the only way then this is not for you.

Does It Work?

 This group included:

  • 4 people with Type 1 Diabetes. and
  • 1 person with Type 2 Diabetes (One Daily Injeciton of Lantus).


They were all asked to eat more carbohydrates than they normally do.


They used less insulin than normal.


This improved Time In Range by an average of 11%, the biggest increase was 24%.  In the one case where a positive result was not observed Time In Range remained equal in the before and after measurements at 60%, in other words no harm was done.

Get The Strategies Used To Achieve These Results

No drugs or supplements were added. No meal replacements were used. Everybody ate real food (& lot's of it)

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Here's The Shocking Reason Why You Are Getting This For Free.. 

Dear Friend,


Your Diabetes can be overwhelming at times, your Diabetes is relentless, but your Diabetes is different from my Diabetes.

That is not very suprising, Diabetes demands more of the people living with it than almost any other condition and it is rlentless.

In spite of this we share many experiences and feelings about Diabetes. Things that only another person living with Diabetes would understand.


This is event is not going to be a cure for your Diabetes, but it just might make it a little easier to live with.


You will get strategies to  make your blood glucose levels more predictable, more of the time, without restricting carbohydrates. Hint: we are going to be talking about how to make your insulin work better, more of the time and that makes your blood glucose levels easier to predict and manage.

What makes me qualified to do this?

I have been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 45 years, so I "get it", I have travelled to Diabetes conferences across the world to learn from leading experts and  I have an MSc (a post graduate degree)  in Diabetes Practice. I deliver lectures to medical students at a variety of universities in the UK and I have spoken at Diabetes conferences in the UK & USA, and at the World Nutrition Summit in South Africa.


The good news is you don't  have to go to all of that effort. You can simply choose to join this webinar and I will give you a fast track to all of the most useful, evidence based, information that I have learned so that you can use it to help you achieve your Diabetes management goals.


You can be sure that the strategies that you are going to get are based upon the best in research and evidence. More to the point they actually work in real people like you and me.

To put it simply, there is no snake oil, or cinnamon here. 

Why am I doing this for you?
Firstly, it is becuase I am a nice guy and I love helping people with Diabetes.


Secondly, I am, ethically, bribing you.

I make my money by selling Diabetes coaching services. The way I sell my coaching is by demonstrating to you that I can help you by actually helping you.

My plan is simple, if you like what I have to say you might want to use this on your own, which is cool. But, if you want to get the results faster then you might want to work with me.


What do you need to do?

Register for the webinar, it's free.


Will there be a hard sell?

No, never. I don't like it when that happens to me and I won't do it to you.


I look forward to meeting you in the webinar.





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Why Everything You Have Been Told About Carbohdydrates Is Wrong

Hosted By Paul Coker, MSc & Nicola Harvey Wood

Why Everything You Have Been Told About Carbohydrates Is Wrong, Join The Webinar

Improving your insulin sensitivity may be as easy as eating more carbohdyrates.

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