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I Can't Give You A Day Off, But, I Can Help You To Get More Freedom From Your Diabetes.



Hi, My Name is Paul, I Have Been Living with Type 1 Diabetes for 45 Years & Have a Masters Degree In Diabetes Practice

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How You Eat Is More Important Than How You Diet   


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Diets do not work.

This is because diets always focus on depriving you of the things that you can eat.


When it comes to Diabetes you are forced to follow a diet for life. This can be tough to do.  Hi, my name is Paul and I know this first hand because I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1977.


That is why Transform Your Diabetes is different. 


My philosophy is that how you eat is more important than how you diet.


This means that instead of depriving you of carbohydrates, we use the science and evidence to help you to eat more carbohydrates to help you to get the more freedom from your diabetes, better glucose management and use less insulin, or Diabetes medications, without micromanaging your blood glucose levels.

I know this sounds different to what others have been telling you. This difference is based upon a huge body of scientific evidence that spans more than 100 years on how fats, proteins and carbohdyrates change insulin requirements and the research that earned me a Master of Science Degree in Diabetes Practice.

Can I take a moment to tell you about the background of why this works?

Healthcare systems have had a very blinkered view of diets for diabetes. We know that carbohydrates cause a blood glucose spike after a meal so the typical approach is to restrcit carbohydrates.

This is supposed to reduce the amount of insulin you need after a meal.

Restricting carbohdyrates means that you will eat more dietary fat and/or more protein. Dietary fats and proteins are a primary and significant cause of  insulin resistance.

So most treatment plans for diabetes are trying to reduce your need for insulin and/or diabetes medications but at the same time they are making you insulin resistant. If this does not make sense to you, then you are not alone.


Insulin resistance will make your Diabetes harder to manage and is independently associated with all of the complications of Diabetes, regardless of how good your blood glucose levels are.

Why have you never been told this?

For more than 100 years the science has been telling us that eating foods that are high in fat and/or protein that we increase insulin resistance.

But, we never measured the impact on blood gluocse or insulin requirements, because the impact is starts around 2.5 hours after a meal and we have only ever focused on blood glucose levels for upto 2 hours after you have eaten!

This means that we have been aware of the issue for many decades, but we have not been measuring it.

Don't believe me? Think about your blood glucose levels after a Pizza, or an Indian meal or a chinese meal. Those high fat feasts taste awesome but they really do cause challenges with your insulin and that means that your blood glucose level typically starts to climb around 2.5 hours after you eat and your insulin can seem like it has turned to water for 10-12 hours doesn't it? This is exctly what the science preditcs too.

If I told you that this is happening to you every time you eat a meal that is high in fat would your 'random' blood glucose levels start to make more sense to you? If you are using insulin would it make some of those days where your insulin seems like it has turned to water and then randomly switches back on again make more sense?

It is only in the last few years that we have measured your blood glucose for more than 2 hours after you eat. But, the Royal College of Physicians accepted that diets that are high in fat appear to cause insulin resistance back in 1936!

We have been building a body of evidence about this since 1936. This is not even a case of your Diabetes may vary, it is how the human body works to protect the cells from getting to much energy into them. The problem is, that those of us with Diabetes see this in our blood glucose levels.

This means that when we we restrict carbohdyrates we move to a pattern of eating that makes if harder for us to digest carbohdyrates and manage our blood glucose levels. Then we blame the carbohydrates for making our blood glucose harder to manage.

When I wrote my dissertation for my Masters Degree I arrived at the conclusion that how you eat is more important than how you diet. Now I want to share some of my research with you, so that you can combine high quality carbohydrates, with fats and proteins in a way that will make your insulin work better.


This might not give you the much needed day off from your Diabetes, but it might give yo more freedom from your Diabetes.


Finally you should be aware, if you are like many of the people I have helped, eating more high quality unrefined carbohdyrates might cause you to lose weight without restrciting calories, without running high blood glucose levels and without even trying, even though this is not designed as a weight loss program.

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Meet Paul Coker

Paul Coker is the Diabetes coach who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 45 years and he has an MSc in Diabetes Practice. 

Putting you in the driver's seat of your diabetes is his aim and he uses his extensive first-hand experiences combined with evidence based approaches to help you achieve your diabetes goals. 

Paul is a public speaker and is sought after by universities, schools of medicine and charities to Health Care Professionals and people living with Diabetes

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