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Why Is Your Insulin Sensitivity So Important?

And More Importantly, Can You Improve It?

Is Your Insulin Sensitivity More Important Than Your HbA1c?

How do you measure Insulin Sensitivity? Why does it matter, especially in Type 1 Diabetes? What does the evidence say?


Why should you care?

In this short video I will explain this to you and even give you the tools you need to assess your insulin sensitivity (for FREE).

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Strategies to Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity 

In this Video you will get 3 strategies that you can use to improve and maintain your insulin sensitivity.

You can use each of them in isolation, but for the best results use them in combination if you can

We Both Know That Diabetes Can Be Challenging


Living with diabetes can sometimes feel like you are pushing a rock up a mountain. The moment you get to the top the rock rolls down the other side and you have to start over again.

Doing this day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year and decade after decade can feel exhausting.

It does not matter how good or bad your day with diabetes has been, tomorrow you have to find the energy to do it all over again.

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Insulin Sensitivity

Eating a diet that is high in fat will reduce your insulin sensitivity and that means that the action of your insulin will become much less predictable and that makes your diabetes harder to manage.

It is true that genetic forms of diabetes, like type 1, LADA, type 1.5, and MODY are not caused by insulin resistance. However, the evidence shows that insulin resistance is an important factor in ALL types of diabetes.

You may have been taught to restrict your carbohydrates, or perhaps even that you can eat whatever you want provided you give the right amount of insulin for it. The problem is that the evidence shows us that diets that are high in fat and protein need significantly more insulin than diets that are based upon unrefined carbohydrates. The biggest problem here is that the additional insulin is needed  more than 150 mins after eating and the insulin resistnace from a high fat, high protein meal lasts for between 8-12 hours! And that might mean that your insulin requirements at the next meal are also affected.

The evidence suggests that insulin resistance  increases your risks of developiing complications of diabetes even your your blood glucose levels are great.

Even healthy fats make us resistant to insulin and the more deitary fat you eat the more resistant to insulin you become.Then the moment you eat carbohydrates your blood glucose climbs high and stays high and naturally you blame the carbohdyrates, but it is not their fault. You have set the stage for insulin resistance.

Sadly diets that are low in carbohydrates are, by definition, high in fat. Even healthy fats increase your insulin resistance.

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The Program works by reversing insulin resistance by reducing the fat intake in your diet


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Meet Paul Coker

Paul Coker is the Diabetes coach who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 45 years and he has an MSc in Diabetes Practice. 

Putting you in the driver's seat of your diabetes is his aim and he uses his extensive first-hand experiences combined with evidence based approaches to help you achieve your diabetes goals. 

Paul is a public speaker and is sought after by universities, schools of medicine and charities to Health Care Professionals and people living with Diabetes

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What is the Answer?

It turns out that if we focus on eating more unrefined carbohydrates that are low in dietary fat and high in fibre that we can significantly improve insulin sensitivity. Improved insulin sensitivity can make your insulin more predictable and that makes your diabetes much easier to live with.

I know that your diabetes is very individual to you, so the real question is can this work for you?

Find out what others who have followed this coaching system have to say. I mostly work with people that have to say.

I focus on on helping people with type 1 diabetes, but I also have clients with type 2 diabetes who have seen massive benefits too.

This is not a fad diet, it is not about replacing real food with supplements, it is not about milkshakes. This is about eating more food than you can imagine, all of it tasty, delicious and available from your local shops. You can do this and still lose weight, if that is one of your goals.

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The  program is designed to help you increase the amount of unrefined carbohydrates you are eating  so that your insulin sensitivity increases. I also help you to connect with others on the same journey as you, because I know that positive peer support is so important, it helps you to stay connected, informed and on track.


Get the tools you need to you need to maintain and enhance your diabetes management while improving your quality of life.



Diabetes is a lonely place to live, the program is designed so that you do not have to do this alone. 


Once we have improved your insulin sensitivity then we work with you to introduce the components of your 'normal' diet so that you can observe the impact on your diabetes management. This means that you can develop coping strategies for your diabetes in a suppportive environment.


We live in a world that often does not understand how difficult diabetes can be to live with, it underestimates the value of community and technology and even health care settings have done a great job of keeping us feeling isolated with our diabetes. When you surround yourself with people who geniunely want the best for you and your diabetes, you're more likely to succeed and reach your goals.

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